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Moral Hazard is Corporate Kryptonite

In *Thinking Fast and Slow*, Kahneman relates a story told to him by Richard Thaler. It goes like this: Once there was a gathering of executives from a large company. Each were asked about taking risky projects with a positive … Continue reading

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Vampires, Tooth Fairies, Santa Claus, IT Projects

I don’t believe in IT projects. Well, mostly not, but I’ll get to that later. First, here’s Ars Technica on a failure of the Romney Campaign: its app, Orca: The goal was to put a mobile application in the hands of 37,000 … Continue reading

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Summer Students and RIM

In my everlasting journey through Founders at Work, I came across this quote about RIM: One of the things I realized was that to get strong co-op students, you had to start early because, by the second year, you’ve lost … Continue reading

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“Intelligence” = Negativity

One quick aside.  Last year, the more bearish you were on Under Armour, the better a team scored.  But guess what?  Under Armor rose 15% in the last 7+ months — the team that finished last had the result that … Continue reading

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Two Lessons From Iron Mike

Mike Tyson is my favorite boxer. Obviously this has something to do with his in-ring feats, sure, but everything that’s interesting about him comes from his mind. He has one of the most interesting and powerful minds on earth. Seriously. … Continue reading

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From Delusion Comes Grandeur

When I was in University we played this team building game where we were given a block building puzzle of some sort to solve. We were timed. After putting everything together the best time in the room was announced, let’s … Continue reading

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Teach Children Grit and Set Their Ideas Free

Here is Econtalk: Paul Tough, author of How Children Succeed, talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about why children succeed and fail in school and beyond school. He argues that conscientiousness–a mixture of self-control and determination–can be a more important measure of academic and … Continue reading

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