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Vampires, Tooth Fairies, Santa Claus, IT Projects

I don’t believe in IT projects. Well, mostly not, but I’ll get to that later. First, here’s Ars Technica on a failure of the Romney Campaign: its app, Orca: The goal was to put a mobile application in the hands of 37,000 … Continue reading

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Will Google Write Catastrophe Insurance?

Catastrophe insurance is the sexy part of my industry: lots of data and “analytics” and in tune with the information age. It’s also alternated between the most and least profitable line of business in the business. Here’s what you need … Continue reading

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How to be Incredibly Successful

“I would like to allocate more time to dating, though. I need a girlfriend. How much time does a woman want a week? Maybe 10 hours?” That’s Elon Musk, whose work so supersedes any instinct for companionship he’s turning to … Continue reading

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The Yudkowsky Ambition Scale

1) We’re going to build the next Facebook! 2) We’re going to found the next Apple! 3) Our product will create sweeping political change! This will produce a major economic revolution in at least one country! (Seasteading would be change … Continue reading

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THUMP [PG’s head into the sand]

There’s this old joke that I really like: One night a police officer sees an economist looking around a park bench near a light. “What happened?” asks the police officer. “I lost my keys but I’m having a really hard … Continue reading

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The Keys To Being Awesome

Step 2, which everyone goes on and on about (particularly when talking about Steve Jobs) is to never settle for anything less than awesome. If it isn’t great, personally insult the person that suggested it and send it back. Step … Continue reading

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The Angry Birds Era Is Over

I mean that in a commercial sense. The game will obviously live on. Buying a game is a thing of the past because developers have figured out the revenue model that lets games be free. Right now, 18 of the … Continue reading

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