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Would You Live Here?

Better question: under what circumstances would you live in this apartment? More here. There are periods in my life when I would have. Particularly when I was single, living alone and in a big city. You either have a home … Continue reading

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How Daniel Kahneman Might Decorate Your Office

I’m working through Daniel Kahneman‘s latest book and I wondered: how might this apply to interior decorating? Who wouldn’t. Consider two important concepts he discusses: priming* and cognitive strain. Priming is where you are influenced subconsciously by cues in your environment (looking … Continue reading

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Dear Movie Stars: Stick To Your Knitting

For Celebrities Seeking Their Fortunes Working with Startup 1. Don’t. 2. If you are amazing at what you do (read: an A-Lister) then you will make far more money sticking to your day job. If you make $5 million per … Continue reading

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The Lost Archives- Too Big To Fail

I was with my wife buying baby stuff in Target yesterday. Needless to say I was actually screwing around with my blackberry and found some notes from an aborted review of *Too Big To Fail* the 2009 book by Andrew … Continue reading

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Vampires, Tooth Fairies, Santa Claus, IT Projects

I don’t believe in IT projects. Well, mostly not, but I’ll get to that later. First, here’s Ars Technica on a failure of the Romney Campaign: its app, Orca: The goal was to put a mobile application in the hands of 37,000 … Continue reading

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If You Buy 1,000 Books

Buy 1,000 print books ($21,000) and get the following (Priceless!!!! That’s FOUR exclamation points!) — Limited to first 6 people: – Awesome all-expenses-paid trip somewhere in the world. You’ve seen me do this inIndia, Africa, and elsewhere. I don’t half-ass trips. I … Continue reading

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Incompetent S&P’s Day of Reckoning?

Felix Salmon has an excellent piece on how S&P royally effed over some municipalities in Australia and now might actually have to pay for its incompetence. Put it all together, and you get a very shocking view of S&P. Here’s … Continue reading

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