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You Get One Guess

What prompted Minnesota to enforce this law on Coursera? Coursera offers free, online courses to people around the world, but if you live in Minnesota, company officials are urging you to log off or head for the border. The state’s … Continue reading

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The Most Compelling Book Review I’ve Read in Years

Am I really going to buy another crisis book? Probably. Second, to a remarkable degree, she sees everyone else in the process as filled with fault and herself as never at fault.  She has zero qualms about ceaselessly flinging mud … Continue reading

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If Ray Kurzweil is Wrong (worse if he’s right?)

Neither of these two methods, however, would keep Social Security in actuarial balance permanently. The projection periods for future trustees’ reports will include years beyond 2080. In all years after 2080, projected expenses will significantly exceed projected income. Really. After … Continue reading

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One More Step And The Barbarians Are In

I’m immersed in the history of insurance regulation these days. What was that? Oh, yeah, it’s hilarious and stuff. Good one. Anyway, know what’s striking about the history of insurance regulation? Let’s quote Bastiat: The State is the great fiction … Continue reading

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Know What You Need? More Gangnam

  Acoustic version.

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Two Lessons From Iron Mike

Mike Tyson is my favorite boxer. Obviously this has something to do with his in-ring feats, sure, but everything that’s interesting about him comes from his mind. He has one of the most interesting and powerful minds on earth. Seriously. … Continue reading

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Exercise at The Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center

They do it Gangnam style of course. And here is the first viral video from there. That’s not a real woman at the beginning. Background here.

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