The Staggering Genius of Taco Bell

Warning: I’m being pretty generous with over-the-top superlatives today.

I think Taco Bell is the most innovative company on earth. Honestly.

Some might look at what this company offers and think them a bit pedestrian, but remember, this may be the most mature industry conceivable. Innovation is NOT supposed to happen in mature industries.

First is a unique offering which exploits the only true competitive advantage Taco Bell has, the ability to offer texture in its food. To the uninspired, it’s the usual hamburger formula: carb, veg, cheese, beef carb. But, come on, crunch in your burger? Nobody makes it like this!

And the grand triumph is a co-branding strategy that I think is possibly the most extraordinary work of marketing genius ever committed on earth.

These are its best selling products of all time and no surprise.

Now consider this: anyone with half a brain figured out smartphones were coming, tablet computers were coming and… wedge laptops? Puh-leeze. Easy.

Taco Bell has come up with two complete breakthroughs which I’m convinced would otherwise never exist. And in commodity fast food! I’m so impressed.

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3 Responses to The Staggering Genius of Taco Bell

  1. I prefer the new frenzy around greek yogurt.

  2. DW says:

    I am a shameless sheep on that bandwagon, too.

    I eat that stuff 3 breakfasts out of 4.


  3. Andrew says:

    Let’s see those brainchildren at TB come up with a Dorito SOFT-taco. Side note about about greek yogurt – I ran out of sour cream and put greek yogurt in its place. Surprisingly good results.

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