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How to Play in Someone Else’s Band

the principle rule to remember: your number one job above all else is to make the leader sound good, look good and feel good. {read that again. we will come back to it over and over. we will refer to this as … Continue reading

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Sales Is For Everyone

Consider this joke: “Martinis are like women’s breasts, one is not enough and three are too many.” Let’s assume you found this joke funny. Now I’ll give you a task: you must tell this joke to three people: your best … Continue reading

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Disruption Defined

In order to overcome the massive inertia associated with a dominant platform technology, two conditions must exist. First, there must be new, overwhelmingly important functionality that the old platform cannot support in a reasonable way. Second, the new platform must … Continue reading

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Violence in America

I saw this interesting chart suggesting violence in the US is on the decline (original image here): This is via Krugman who doesn’t hesitate to grind his political ax a bit: And that’s one reason I find all these laments … Continue reading

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Business Acumen Didn’t Help The Missing Link

First caveat, this research was all done before the dawn of the reproducibility movement, so take all of this with a grain of salt. Some day hopefully all discussion of science requires considering this. Anyway, onto the show. There seems … Continue reading

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Psychology Fights BS

I like the idea of psychology because it lets me anchor intuition about others in something more concrete. Perhaps unsurprisingly for a field so deeply susceptible to BS, psychology research is currently at the forefront of the reproducibility movement. Consider Ed Yong’s reporting … Continue reading

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The Singularity Is Here

Singularity is a tongue-in-cheek, of course. Read this if you’re unfamiliar with the idea. Ok now start here with Thiel vs Schmidt. I’ll just blockquote Alex Tabarrok with the meat of the debate and the deathblow from Thiel: PETER THIEL: …Google is … Continue reading

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