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How To Scare My Wife

Tell her I really liked this blog post. I want to start this new year with an admonition, for all those who are still working at a day job, and thinking that at some point they may want to run … Continue reading

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Coming To Your Local Grocer: Better Tomatoes

Plant geneticists say they have discovered an answer to a near-universal question: Why are tomatoes usually so tasteless? Yes, they are often picked green and shipped long distances. Often they are refrigerated, which destroys their flavor and texture. But now researchers have … Continue reading

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Fevers Are Magic

One aspect of fever I harp on year after year and where I am continually ignored is the importance of not treating a fever. It is estimated that the fever response is 400 million years old. How do they know that? … Continue reading

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Hearing Footsteps

The Economist pooh pooh’d Microsoft’s latest splash in tablet computing: One reason why the iPad has been so successful is that it blends beautiful hardware with an amazing range of software. Microsoft has attractive assets, in particular Skype (an internet … Continue reading

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Suckered Again by Great Writing

I am a fan of neither the NBA nor of movies, really. But when I read Roger Ebert I want to watch movies: Tom Russell was a 10-year-old Adelaide schoolboy when he made “Last Ride,” his feature film debut. I … Continue reading

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Claims About Nature vs Nurture

Critics of intelligence research often hail the importance of practice rather than inborn talent, but a three-day test of the Minnesota twins’ motor skills showed that how much you benefit from practice is itself partly an inborn talent. More here.

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5-Hour Energy Debunked, Sorta

According to the label, its ingredients are: Niacin 30 mg — 150% of the RDA Vitamin B6 40 mg — 2000% of the RDA Folic acid 400 mg — 100% of the RDA Vitamin B12  500 mcg — 8333% of … Continue reading

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