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NFL Cities Buy Status

Of the 20 stadiums built since the Georgia Dome opened, four have been privately financed. Of the rest, the average public share is 73% of the total cost. That’s the Economist on football stadiums. The impetus is the recent plan … Continue reading

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Links on Data

CalculatedRisk rounds up some links on how data collection can come under political fire, which is, of course, terrifying. He also tells this story: The Depression led to an effort to enhance and expand data collection on employment, and I was … Continue reading

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The Market is Smarter Than You

Two pretty different links here: 1. Scott Sumner is really starting to get good at nailing down his view. It’s been fun watching his writing sharpen up over the last few years. Nobody who cares about macroeconomics can afford to … Continue reading

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Facebook IPO – Smart Money Slips Up?

The VCs and Zuck’s employees got paid today. But not by me. Here’s one skeptical take. The Facebook IPO has priced at $38, at the high end of its revised range, representing a market cap of $108.6B, assuming exercise of … Continue reading

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Back When Everything Was New

Here is a series of photos from 1962, 50 years ago (pretty similar to today I’d say). A similar photo essay from 50 years before that, 1912, would present a much bigger change. From 50 years before THAT, 1862, maybe … Continue reading

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Turing Test as Trojan Horse

Bryan Caplan, I think, coined the “Ideological Turing Test”, which is a neat idea. Tyler Cowen likes it, too. Put me and five random liberal social science Ph.D.s in a chat room.  Let liberal readers ask questions for an hour, … Continue reading

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One Last Pivot

The key question when trying to value Facebook’s stock is: can they find another business model that generates significantly more revenue per user without hurting the user experience?… If they do that, the company is probably worth a lot more … Continue reading

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