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Pencils, Pins and “Dope Tracks” — How Dead White Guys Run The Music Business

Specialization is one of the three or four absolutely fundamental concepts in economics. And there are some iconic discussions of its virtues: try Adam Smith’s pin factory story for one: Those ten persons could make among them upwards of forty-eight thousand pins … Continue reading

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1. Dear women of the world: don’t become a doctor. It literally isn’t worth the money. 2. Dear managers of the world: use your time wisely. 3. Dear self: read Peter Thiel’s class notes a few more times and think … Continue reading

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Life imitating art imitating life

This puts the “A” In AI. Let’s begin with xkcd: Now meet Mr. Null and Ms. Fake.

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When Economics Strikes

Speculation is rampant in Canada right now on whether and why retail prices are higher there than they are in the United States. See here and here, for instance. As a Canadian that now lives in the US I can … Continue reading

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A Challenge to Interfluidity’s Point – Demographics of 1929 vs 1975 vs 2009

I posted this too soon. Here is a snapshot of the demographics of the USA in the last three episodes of monetary instability: 1929, 1975, 2009. 1975 looks far more like 1929 than either does like 2009. What is the … Continue reading

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Why We’ll Never See Inflation Soon

Many people like to look as this graph and freak out: That monetary base expansion has GOT to mean massive and rampant inflation, right? I mean, Milton friggen Friedman said so! And for many that means the gold price has … Continue reading

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How R Is Used

I don’t use R regularly, though I’m somewhat familiar with it. My work is in 90% Excel (the lingua franca of my world) and 10% Python, which I just plain like. Yet here is a paper evaluating R’s design and … Continue reading

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