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Some Links For Today

In books to watch out for: we have The Benefit and The Burden about taxes. Here is an interesting David Brooks review: The U.S. does not have a significantly smaller welfare state than the European nations. We’re just better at hiding … Continue reading

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Heroes Of Innovation

Big article in the NYT previewing a biography of Bell Labs. Michael Mandel rightly recognizes his own work in the agenda of the author, which is to establish a strong link between these fathers of many of today’s technologies and … Continue reading

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P&C Stocks

David Merkel has an analysis out on insurance stocks. By the way, I deeply respect anyone willing to put original analysis out on the web, as David does frequently. That’s the stuff that drives the blogosphere. His understanding is way … Continue reading

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Oil Prices and Sumner’s Standing Order

Looks like oil prices are climbing again. If the economy keeps recovering, this increase is going to last a big longer than the last few. Calculated risk looks to James Hamilton in these situations. I’ll swipe a quote from an … Continue reading

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The App Economy

Michael Mandel’s article on the app economy is up. My initial comments here, though they now sound off mark against Mandel’s Atlantic piece. My favorite bit: Historically, industries that are job leaders during recessions tend to drive the expansion that … Continue reading

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Good Jobs

Here is David Pogue on the everlasting Foxconn saga. He is writing on the side of “our definition of sweat shops is a bit weird in the context of China”. Here is a salient quote: The second enlightening twist, for … Continue reading

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The Most Interesting Place On Earth

Might it be Panama? Geologically the most important landform still around. May have catalyzed human evolution. Retirement community attracted by the architecture and health care. Contains the most dangerous place on earth (more here and here). Oh, and the canal:

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