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On Siri

Neat article. Everyone who uses Siri suggests that it’s awesome and can do things for you that you don’t feel like doing for yourself. I look forward to using something like this someday. But I actually find that the simple … Continue reading

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More Steve Jobs

I’ve waited to post this because frankly I was bored of the whole Steve Jobs tribute thing. I made my play for eyeballs and it worked on the day. I read Pete Warden’s blog, which is excellent, and he contributed … Continue reading

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Levels Not Rates

As I suspected, Sumner’s advocacy should probably be focused on level targeting, as opposed to NGDP targeting. Most important of all is to set a ‘backdated’ level so that we can get back to the trend we were knocked from … Continue reading

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Watch The Kids Play. Then Beat Them Up (or Eat Them).

Steve Hanov’s latest post¬†discusses a recent conference he attended. He really caught my eye with his general observations of startups: Disruption – Disruption is big. If you’re not disruptive, you might as well be selling mainframes and typewriters. Companies are … Continue reading

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On The Autistic Cognitive Spectrum

If you haven’t, you should consider reading Create Your Own Economy, by Tyler Cowen. In it, he discusses, among many many other things, the idea of autism: what it is, what it means, what skills people with that kind of … Continue reading

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If In Doubt, DI-friggen Y

Peter Thiel’s latest idea: DIY science. Surely the power of decentralized learning is the great innovation of our times. It defines the information age, non? I am enormously sympathetic to this idea if only because so much of the way … Continue reading

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More on NGDP

Amazing how this idea is now starting to go mainstream. Scott Sumner is going to be famous soon. Here’s the WSJ¬†and Scott’s commentary. The article has a lot of links to a lot of good information (in particular here) on … Continue reading

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