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When a Business Model Dies

Spare a thought for poor Kodak, a company surely in the throes of death. Here is the key paragraph: Intellectual property licensing and lawsuits have largely funded Kodak’s cash needs but stalled earlier this year, prompting Kodak to decide to … Continue reading

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More On Fire

Horace Dediu has an interesting and long discussion on the Kindle. Ultimately he shares a view I notice I didn’t put in my notes, but with which I completely agree: Fire will not have the opportunity to disrupt the iPad … Continue reading

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Amazon On Fire

Kindle fire, eh. Pretty neat. A few observations: As many others have noted in many ways: 10 years ago how many leaps of faith would it take to name the three biggest innovators in tablets/smartphones: Apple, Amazon and Google? Shit … Continue reading

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Machine Learning: first impressions

Wow, this is pretty cool stuff. Some notes: There are two kinds of machine learning: supervised and unsupervised. Supervised learning is literally composed on of running regressions on datasets you know something about. That’s it. They further break the regressions … Continue reading

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What (Meta Skills) Do Computers Teach Us?

Easy: programming. But what does that do for us? I just read Alan Kay‘s essay: The Computer Revolution Hasn’t Happened Yet. There’s also a video of the lecture on which this essay is based. Haven’t watched it yet. Here’s the synopsis: when the … Continue reading

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Databases: Intro, Relational and XML (Hierarchical)

First day wasn’t so bad. I watched about 40 minutes of video at 1.2x or 1.5x (I’d probably have falled asleep at 1x pace) and learned a bit. There are four kinds of developers in the database programming world: builders, … Continue reading

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Ok, I Did It

Fair warning to blog readers. I’m going to use this thing as a crutch for the Machine Learning and Database courses from Stanford, which I just finalized my enrollment in. Look out for lecture summaries and coursework as I think … Continue reading

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