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“Measuring Unobservable Risk”

That is a paraphrasing of the title of an article in an issue of CFA magazine I found around my apartment. It caught my attention. Particularly because I’m inclined to think anything that makes that sort of claim is either … Continue reading

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Smartphones and Concerts

Went to The Today Show the ohter day and heard Journey play “Don’t Stop Believin’” no less than three times. Now that’s a band that’s not scared of playing its hits! We were standing somewhat towards that back of the … Continue reading

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What We Want In An Expert

I’m a big fan of Arnold Kling and Nick Schultz and I think there are a lot of interesting things in this article. One thing that is nagging at me, though is this: Perhaps medical services could be delivered by workers … Continue reading

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Brain Science

That’s a non-ironic title (this time). Here’s Robin Hanson: It persuades me that raw brain hardware was more important than I’d thought in our history.  Here is my current best guess on brain history.[..] The added ellipsis is my attempt … Continue reading

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The Science of BS (Meta BS?): It’s All BS, Mostly

Opinions are mostly made up on the fly: For example, in two surveys spaced a few months apart, the same subjects were asked about their views on government spending. Amazingly, 55% of the subjects reported different answers. Such low correlations at … Continue reading

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Soros Is Out

CNBC harped for a few minutes this morning about how Soros no longer manages money for other people. A few angles were pointed out: How does a DEMOCRAT bemoan regulation?! Why do we care what Soros does? Wait, 24.5b? I … Continue reading

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So What Is Default, Anyway?

Here is Felix: ISDA has made the right decision: the Greek bond default does not and should not count as a “credit event” for the purposes of whether Greek credit default swaps will get triggered. As Felix rightly points out, if … Continue reading

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