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How to Improve

This caught my eye this morning: “10 ways to improve your programming skills” Since I’m learning how to programĀ (has it been two months!?), and I want to get better at it, I should try to follow some of this advice. … Continue reading

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Fundamentally, Engineers Serve Ideas

Here is Horace Dediu: RIM is an engineering led company. Many successful companies rightly develop their engineering skills first because that is what allows them to create new products more quickly. This is true of Nokia and also of Apple … Continue reading

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The Devil You Don’t See

A few weeks ago I had lunch with a cat bond manager who was crowing about buying and selling a particular bond at a solid profit in a single day. The bond was Mariah Re, which is at risk of … Continue reading

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How Much Does AC Cost? An Accounting Issue

There’s a great discussion of the costs of Air Conditioning for soldiers on MR. Here’s the original story. Here’s the boogeyman soundbite: The amount the U.S. military spends annually on air conditioning in Iraq and Afghanistan: $20.2 billion. That’s more … Continue reading

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Bodily Symmetry

Apparently it predicts intelligence: body symmetry more strongly predicts intelligence than brain size, nerve conduction velocity, reaction time reliability, and a number of other measures. And the point: The authors suggest that human intelligence may therefore be a “fitness indicator,” … Continue reading

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In Praise of Judd Apatow

Just saw Bridesmaids. I’m not the target market here and the title really made me reluctant but the 90% rotten tomatoes rating did the trick. It was hilarious. And I was thoroughly unsurprised to see a producer credit for Judd … Continue reading

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What You Should Practice

Robin Hanson points us to a study that shows kids should only do math homework. He takes the opportunity to bang on his drum of school as indoctrination, but I was reminded of a few of my own experiences. Most … Continue reading

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