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Things I Don’t Talk To A Medical Doctor About

Nutrition Functional Movement (ie athletic injuries) Illnesses I’ve had before. Equivalent to about 98% of my medical needs. Does this mean doctors are a bigger or smaller deal? Why is the most important one for overall health (Nutritionist) the only … Continue reading

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Film Review: *One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest*

This film completely baffled me. I found it slow and, if not quite boring, certainly not engaging.

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Here is Steve Blank touting a youngster’s project that impressed him: Max and his partners interviewed and analyzed over 650 early-stage Internet startups. Today they released the first Startup Genome Report— a 67 page in-depth analysis on what makes early-stage Internet startups successful. Interesting stuff. According to … Continue reading

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Short Soccer Players

Enjoyed watching the champions league final this afternoon. Yay Barca. One unoriginal observation I made was that the Barca players were shorter than the Man U players. A bit of googling shows that this question has had a healthy examination … Continue reading

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The Sky Is Falling!

I’ve now twice been sent the Julian Grantham piece, so I read it. And now that I’ve read it, I might as well review it. First a roundup of other commentary on this thing, which I read without realizing it was … Continue reading

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Championship Habits

Guess who won this fight? Hint: it wasn’t the fat guy. Cristobal Arreola has been disappointing boxing fans for a few years. Very talented heavyweight. Bad training habits.

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Sales Kills?

Robin Hanson has been blogging Ken Lee’s PhD dissertation and saved the best for last: Jobs Kill. The big result: death rates depend on job details more than on race, gender, marriage status, rural vs. urban, education, and income combined! He presents this … Continue reading

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