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Take Your Consensus and Shove it

Arnold discusses how analysis of aggregate data yields a lot of BS:

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Innovation is Execution… Episode #2918

Karl Smith makes an interesting point. a world in which gains are being created in ways that can be captured is not necessarily a world in which the poor benefit from those gains. I like this characterization. I’ve been convinced … Continue reading

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The Dawn of the Computer Age

Via Cringely, I skipped ahead to Gordon Moore’s 20 minute presentation.

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You Can’t Buy Hunger

From Barker we learn that businesses started by the rich are more likely to fail. And the bigger the advantage they have (ie in capital intensive industries), the worse off they are.

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Word of the Day

Spexpertise (n): the flawed knowledge and misplaced self-confidence that one achieves having only read blogs and news stories on a topic.

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Love Boring?

Insurance companies and bond portfolio managers have a lot in common in respect of their financial risk profiles: fixed payments in exchange for an uncertain probability of loss of principal. Insurers call this loss a claim, while cross-default provisions in … Continue reading

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‘Smart’ is Ridiculous

Math education sucks. That article is about a teaching method that breaks down math problems into simple steps and results skyrocket. Confidence is built, angels sing and the world is cloaked in glory. The point is that math educators needlessly complicates … Continue reading

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