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Silly Name, Toastmaster…

So I’m joining the toastmasters public speaking club. Below are some impressions following my first meeting. I was surprised at how much unprepared speaking there was. The breakdown is about 50/50 between prepared and extemporaneous sessions. When I think of … Continue reading

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First Impressions

I know that first impressions matter and that you can learn some surprising things from someone just by looking at them. What I don’t know, though, is what people think of me when they first see me. Remember It … Continue reading

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John Paulson Bets on Inflation

I went to a talk today by John Paulson who has a big bet out on gold. His logic: 1. inflation is related to money supply (proof? He never mentioned Milton Friedman for some reason) 2. Gold is related to … Continue reading

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Characteristics you can’t change

I recently listened to an interview with Hal Varian, wherein he advocated a common view: the importance of statistical analysis is increasing and it isn’t likely to stop soon. Organizations and individuals should therefore concentrate on improving analytical capabilities to … Continue reading

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What You Wish For…

One of the blogs I frequent is Scott Adams‘ who, in my opinion, writes like a decent baseball player: mostly strikeouts (boring posts) and walks (skipped without reading), some singles (posts I read) and the occasional home run. By home … Continue reading

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Organizations as Leaders

In syndicated financial transactions, having larger, higher-status companies on a placement makes a genuine difference in completing it. Generally, a company’s status is closely linked to its longevity and (re)insurers feel this even more keenly. For organizations whose purpose is … Continue reading

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And here I genuinely thought I was mailing in that last blog post. I just wrote it a day early! Genuinely not caring about pressure is perhaps what gives kids the upper hand in poker play: But really, we don’t … Continue reading

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