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The New Manufacturing

I think of the insurance business (and banking for that matter) as a process-driven technology industry, like manufacturing. We have a very similar value chain, with engineers pulling costs out of the system and slowly tailoring products to peoples’ uses. … Continue reading

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Oral History of Niche Businesses

I work in a niche industry. I’ve gotten used to, say, wondering through the business section of a bookstore and seeing nothing particularly relevant to my work in a specific way. Now, I know I’m in a niche business because … Continue reading

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Ageing is the accumulation of habits and routines. The most successful maximize good habits and minimize bad ones. Everything else is luck.

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Two Quotes

Network for the Job you Want The complexity of a system is limited to the intelligence of the stupidest person who uses it/approves it.

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Collaborarion Networks (and Entrepreneurship)

Just read Michael Nielsen’s article on the “Future of Science“, which is really about how the Culture of  The Science Profession is proving incompatible with the Culture on Online Collaboration. Shame. Add science to the list of professions requiring collaboration, … Continue reading

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Culture Rules

Saw a lifetime achievement award given last night. Good speeches, decent food and a borderline bizarre biographical video of the recipient. The one thing that really sticks with me is how there are four or five really prominent CEOs that … Continue reading

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Robin Hanson Stuff

I’ve been listening to Robin and Russ talk and the flabbergasted first impression of Robin’s ideas is starting to wear off. I can just about start to think clearly about this. Robin’s basic idea is that there have been about … Continue reading

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