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Tort Reform

90% of insurance press falls into three categories: 1. Puff pieces about some industry grandee or cat product “innovation” 2. Chicken Little Tales about how some legislative catastrophe is just around the corner (climate change is big, as is whining … Continue reading

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Inflation and Insurane

I like this presentation by Bob Hartwig at the III (haven’t finished it yet). I find his treatment of real vs nominal variables frustrating, though. The CPI measures what people spend on stuff and is ultimately driven by wages, imho. … Continue reading

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Arts & Science

So is insurance an art or a science? Strange question, but it’s hardly above the towering ego of a CEO to nod in the direction of Einstein and Picasso when discussing insurance business strategy. Let’s put it differently: what the … Continue reading

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Weirdest Part of a Profile of David Brooks

about his wife: His wife is devoutly Jewish—she converted after they married and recently changed her name from Jane Hughes to the more biblical-sounding Sarah Brooks—but he rarely attends synagogue. Mega-bizarre. What does this say about their relationship? I find … Continue reading

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What is the Optimal Insurance Company Strategy?

Good question. Insurance companies have three revenue streams:1. Premiums2. Investment Income/Gains3. Other Revenue (usually fee income or something). and three expense streams.1. Claims and related expenses (adjustment, etc)2. Underwriting expenses (salaries, etc)3. Overhead and taxes The question of insurance strategy … Continue reading

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So I haven’t written much recently. Got married, been busy. Usual stuff. More importantly, I had it in my mind to use this medium for a project that is a bit bigger in scale than my previous entries. So big, … Continue reading

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Skills and Work

When the G20 came to town, offices downtown were closed and cops flown in from around the country to patrol the streets. We substituted knowledge workers for security workers. Under the logic of fiscal stimulus, the govt should have just … Continue reading

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