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(More) Powerful Thoughts from Robin Hanson

From Robin Hanson: Watching this film twice made it clear to me that the main classroom dynamic, at least in inner city classrooms, is status moves. Teachers struggle to maintain control and respect, while students struggle to one-up one another … Continue reading

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People Can’t Deal With Change

Robin Hanson has a great comment that I can’t seem to link through to but have on my RSS reader: Most people are surprised to hear that the world economy doubles roughly every fifteen years; when they think back fifteen … Continue reading

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Culinary Arbitrage

Brits in France are buying French food from Great Britain and having it delivered. Simon Goodenough, the director of Sterling Shopping, a delivery firm based in Brackley, Northamptonshire, says his company has 2,500 British customers in France and is running … Continue reading

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Forager Cultures

From Robin Hanson: It seems that our distant forager ancestors beat wives but not kids, and weren’t remotely monogamous. They had huge inequalities in status and sex, but low material inequality, due to generous sharing and few durable goods.  They … Continue reading

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High Status Illnesses

Heart Attacks win.

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State of the Atlantic

The indispensable Jeff Masters has an exhaustive review of the current state of climatological drivers of North Atlantic Hurricanes. In summary: June is rarely a big month and this year probably won’t be an exception.

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Best of Flowing Data

Great site

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