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Yeah, thanks, Naomi

I read No Logo years ago and remember being swayed by its arguments. This is an article about Foxconn, which is clearly intended as an ‘exposé’ of a sweatshop in China. Would I choose to work in such a factory? … Continue reading

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Military Metaphors in Politics/Political Economy

My view on political discourse is that serious engagement is fundamentally Quixotic and pointless. Unfortunately, it often cannot be escaped, because three things I really do care about (economics, comedy and my personal finances) often require a moderate understanding of … Continue reading

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Looking for Reliable Data

Mandel on offshore R&D spending. He makes the point that in fact that there is, in fact, a dearth of reliable data on things that matter and an embarrassment of data on things that don’t* (see: the Twitter firehose). I … Continue reading

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The Loop Current Eddies

Animation of how they worked last year. Remember that hot water pumps up hurricanes. The loop eddy drops a pile of hot water into the middle of the gulf. And this year’s eddy just broke off

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Why Insurance Exists

Brooks has a good one today (just read the bold stuff): Over the past decades, we’ve come to depend on an ever-expanding array of intricate high-tech systems. These hardware and software systems are the guts of financial markets, energy exploration, … Continue reading

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IPad Magazine App as Time Machine back to 1990s

Why do I love reading about technology that I barely understand?

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Mick Jagger on Record Sales’ History of Sucking

Good timing for him

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