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Bob Rubin, Beta Male

and I quote: “Do you want to go upstairs and…cuddle?” What kind of a pickup line is that? Beta.

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The Cloud will take us all

the real reason why Steve Jobs hates Flash

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Krugman Kicking Ass

He’s a delight when he’s at his best. That is, not talking about domestic “progressive” political priorities. Here is one, two and three must-reads on the Greek crisis.

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Super Puzzling Phylum

Silly title? Sure Symbion pandora, as they called the new creature, is a tiny animal with a complex body and a bizarre life cycle. It still baffles biologists 15 years after it was formally described, and the latest work on … Continue reading

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Medidation make you smarter

In a new study reported in the journal Consciousness and Cognition, the researchers found significant benefits for novice meditators from only 80 minutes of meditation over 4 days (Zeidan et al., 2010). more here

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Building a Better Politician?

Or maybe not: Here are two positions most any politician can take, yet few ever do: “If elected, every month I will impanel a new random jury of voters in my district.  I will inform them in detail about my … Continue reading

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Why Tony Robbins Has a Job

He shuts peoples’ brains down.

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